Motivational Speaker, Marketing Mentor, and Creator/CEO of the award winning New York Musician’s Center, Dr. Talonda Thomas is a leader in the music education industry and is highly regarded by music school owners across the country who even voted her organization as the National Award Winning Music School in 2015. Dr. Talonda uses her experience growing a new company to mentor entrepreneurs growing anything from construction companies, rock climbing gyms, plumbers, accountants, and in various other industries. She’s well-known for helping her clients find revenue in their existing businesses that was being left on the table.

Once upon a time, Dr. Talonda was a walking statistic. She was pregnant by age 16 with a predictable outcome of welfare and addiction. After deciding to pack up her toddler to come away with her to attend her dream university, she formed a business to avoid eviction from her New York City apartment. Amazingly, 3 years later she graduated with a second master’s degree and a Ph.D. Dr. Talonda has turned her experience in turning failures into success into a system that fast-tracked her to a successful business and allows her to teach others how to do the same. Her clients have quickly doubled and tripled their profits by implementing her marketing strategies.


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